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How to Decorate the Urban Furniture of Our Cities

As we decorate our homes, offices or different public spaces, decorating our streets with Christmas ornaments, becomes very important. Garlands, floral decorations and the usual led lighting  brings a special magic to our outdoor spaces.
Here is Christmas again!
More than ever we need to regain the illusion and streets have to shine in a special way. During the rest of the year our furniture gives us comfort, rest, light … now it’s time to dress up for a party.
Like a fairy tale, the cast iron street lamp for urban furniture from Colomer Nou Parc, is beengarnished to celebrate Christmas days in Plaza Sant Roc of Sabadell.
Very proud to be the manufacturers of the Dalí lampost, among other elements wich coexist in our streets. Also benches, fountains or planters have their importance in the Christmas decoration of urban furniture. During the rest of the year they offer their service to citizens, at Christmas they stand out and give us warmth and beauty, with their dressings. Not only do they serve to beautify our cities also to vindicate, to raise the voice against gender violence or discrimination against LGTBI groups, for instance the benches painted in rainbow colors or in purple tones to advocate against gender violence . Therefore our urban furniture becomes a  socialvoice of its own.
At the end of the year, we turn our gaze to the celebration, to remember but also to plan the future with hope, live special moments and share with our own family and friends.
In December magic shines with renewed enthusiasm.
Merry Christmas!!!
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Cast Iron bus shelter

We have built a Cast iron and wrought iron bus shelter In the beautiful town of Juià in Gironès  with a very neat and elegant design.

This element of urban furniture adapts to the environment and stands out for its cast iron columns and wrought iron metal structure.

The structure of this equipment is in textured matt aluminum. With 6 + 6 transparent laminated crystals and polished edges. Continue reading “Cast Iron bus shelter”

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Cast iron lamposts in Palacio de la Magdalena, Santander

Colomer Nou Parc has collaborated in the restoration project of the Magdalena Palace, the most emblematic building in Santander. The remodeling has included a comprehensive reform, where we can highlight the work carried out in the Paraninfo and in the house of the Guardians; as well as the gardens where our cast iron lanterns have been installed, model Castillo, with an elegant and sober design that provide both personality and beauty to this unique and singular enclave. Continue reading “Cast iron lamposts in Palacio de la Magdalena, Santander”

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Cast iron bollards for the Calafat Sports Port, in l’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona)

In the unbeatable facilities of Port Calafat, we installed Hossegor half-sphere cast iron bollards.
These type of bollards react very well in marine environments, as they have high resistance to degradation  by sea fog.
Because of its size and anchorage becomes an optimal urban furniture, also in stormy and temporary conditions. Also, its rounded shape does not create resistance to gusts and blows of the wind, therefore, it is a safe element for yachts and sailboats moored in piers.
Visually it does not cause a hiding space and blends perfectly into the maritime landscape.