Persisting elements

COLOMER NOU PARC is represented as well in its more artistic facet.

We transmit our capacity of improving our cities and towns' patrimony by implementing the most updated designs and elements with the experience and knowledge accumulated by generations of stability.

We are able to create avant-garde products without forgetting the facet of restoring iron-casted elements. Example of those are the works made in Barcelona city the Ciudadela's fence, the Paseo San Juan's planters, the Picasso Street's balconies, the handrails of the lodge seats at Barcelona's opera Gran Teatro del Liceo or the restoration of the Canaletas and Wallace fountains.

Talent, quality, development and vocation of creating every day are our signature. Preservation of what belongs and identifies us through our cities' patrimony is our heritage.


Renovated insights

Our products, which achieve the highest quality standards, have been developed to solve the needs and public demands.

The users’ satisfaction carries us to create new collections which provide design, quality and adaptability to solve daily situations.

The new tendencies require new and more adaptable smart cities. Requirements such as sustainability and functionality are a feature that Colomer Nou Parc designs are able to interact with; via new technologies (like our Wi-Fi chair), structures (Laforet) and design (Acrobántico).

Integral solutions for parks where children's leisure, work by Wi-Fi connection and exercise for elder collectives match in one time and place, giving an approximation to the park for all citizens.

The reconciliation of these big spaces with different inhabitant age ranges assures us a larger use of these areas and guarantees a longer preservation due to the level usage of the citizens.


We collaborate with designers and architects who bring innovation and design