Olimpia Playground by Valencia

Playground Creativity – Olimpia Generation

Stainless steel playground, maintenance-free and secure. The ADI-FAD Delta Silver Award design is based on simplicity and minimalistic linear principles which aid the development of children’s imaginary at all ages. It also helps the inclusive participation of children with special needs in playground and leisure moments. Simplicity at its best becoming a reality for our young ones.

The playground developed by Colomer gives wings to its original essence in the most simple way. Despite that most playground areas nowadays tend to keep the kids thinking inside the box, our brand new Olimpia Playground Generation helps bringing the younger to play with their bodies and minds.

Olimpia Playground Alcanar
Olimpia Generation in Alcanar

First of all, no object has one single definition or meaning; therefore, the imagination has to work through in order to build a reality out of them. Second but not last, the child playing becomes the protagonist who can make any story and adventure. Due to that, every moment spent playing in the Olimpia area becomes special. According to our little “testers” the different sections, bars and lines can become multiple things. The wide range of ideas went from objects (such as houses or ships) to animals (such as snakes or horses).

Another idea that most parents have in mind when they bring their children out to play, is exercise. Making the play-time an opportunity to burn some calories and spending energy out-doors seems a reliable solution. This concern is also solved by the incredible amount of moves and ground space they will be able to cover inside the Olimpia Generation. Leaving aside the classic house-slide-swing combo, this generation will make the play-time a new experience each and every day.

As a result, we have become a kid’s favorite, design and parents’ winner. We are ready to be installed, completely free of maintenance and full of oportunities to play, grow and create.
Are you ready for the Olimpia Generation?

On how movement helps learning: