The essence of our cities, the identity, is embodied in our urban patrimony, which outlives through generations. The effort of contributing to preserve this identity is our motivation.

The other side of the urban furniture mass production is the handcrafted facet. The last, the handcraft, has been preserved with our experience and professionalism; proof of it is how life-time erosion of urban elements of iron casting, which have had their function, are now given another opportunity to be enjoyed by the public and recover the usefulness for which they were created.

The maintenance and recovery is done by a professional team prepared for the integral process of approaching each project. The range of work goes from the evaluation of the main element, the stamps creation, the casting, the mechanization, the last finishing and its installation if required.

Ornamental fountains as Fuente de Canaletas, the Parque de la Ciudadela's fence, the lights (img 1 and img2), to mention some examples, are part of this work that contributes to the balance between sustainability and progress, between the new necessities of the urban equipping and the backup of what we have inherited.