Planters made of corten steel installed

Corten steel for your projects

Versatile, aesthetic and respectful of the environment. Its composition and particular characteristics favor the conservation of the piece against atmospheric corrosion.

Ideal for its durability and aesthetic stability. The superficial oxidation of corten steel creates an oxide film – impervious to water and steam – which prevents oxidation from proceeding towards the interior of the piece.

This translates into a wide range of products designed for outdoor, created and crafted from this steel alloy. For this reason, it is not surprising that large firms incorporate this material into their projects.
Its warm shade of reddish-orange amalgam has made it a visually recognizable product. However, this coloration is not homogeneous nor uniform which makes each derived piece unique. Another key factor to highlight, and that has given more presence to the product, is its aesthetic line. Corten steel is ideal for architectural lines of a decisive and firm character.

As a product, it presents such authenticity and versatility that perfectly allows it to be integrate and fit into any environment. Innovative cities, avant-garde projects or even in the historic center. It is present both in detail and in great work; from buildings to different accessories of urban equipment. Therefore, we adapt our range of furniture to your measurements and sizes. The possibility of agreeing product variations to your project is now a reality.

An example of this, are the designer planters, bins and other pieces of urban furniture that can be found in our catalog. Which, in addition, are part of a series of elements of reduced maintenance. Its high adaptability combined with the aesthetic section make the corten a reference element.