Cast Iron bus shelter

We have built a Cast iron and wrought iron bus shelter In the beautiful town of Juià in Gironès  with a very neat and elegant design.This element of urban furniture adapts to the environment and stands out for its cast iron columns and wrought iron metal structure.

The structure of this equipment is in textured matt aluminum. With 6 + 6 transparent laminated crystals and polished edges.

Being manufacturers of bus canopies, essential elements on public roads, we can customize them with the measurements and finishes that best suit each city and town that requires this furniture. This element has measures of 4.42 x 2.20 with a height of 2.59 cm.

Urban furniture can be understood as  elements produced in series or giving each marquee we manufacture a personal touch of our own. We want each of them to be the result of a dialogue between the needs of our customer who knows their needs and our efficiency and professionalism as a century-old company.

We can supply benches as a complement, in this case we have opted for colonial wood and cast iron legs covering the entire width of the canopy. In this way we bring warmth and authenticity to the whole set.